By Professor Trevor Cooling: Chair of the REC

The Board met at the REC offices from noon to 5pm on 24th June 2019

Apologies were received from Sushma Sahajpal. The other 12 Directors were present. Linda Rudge attended the meeting in her capacity as the REQM Project Manager and Derek Holloway attended in his capacity as an incoming Board member taking up office in September 2019.

The Board paid tribute and said farewell to Hazel Boyd who is leaving her employment with REC as Communications and Executive Assistant in September to take up a funded place on a Masters programme. The Chair offered the Board’s congratulations, but expressed sadness that we were losing her from the office tem. Lavinia Castellan was welcomed to her first Board meeting as the REC’s new Finance and Operations Manager.

The Chair thanked Satnam Singh Poonian and Mark Chater for their service as Board members as this was the last meeting of their term of office.

The initial formalities were to note potential conflicts of interest and loyalty to receive, correct and then accept the minutes of the 14th March 2019 and to review matters arising.

Main Items:

  1. REQM Review

The Board received three papers fom the REQM Review Team, namely the review Report, the current draft of the criteria and a spreadsheet of possible future financial models. The gratitude of the Board to the Review Team for the excellent work done was noted. The papers were introduced by Linda Rudge and an extensive discussion of the Review recommendations followed. The recommendations were accepted with minor modifications and a timetable for the finalisation and implementation of the new criteria was agreed. Further work was required on the business model. The Board noted that a restricted gift of £5000 would enable investment in the continuing review work for 2019-2020. The Board expressed its continuing commitment to the work of the REQM and noted its potential importance in supporting the development of the Commission’s recommendations.

  1. REC Commission on RE Implementation Strategy

The proposed strategy plan for the REC’s response to supporting the ongoing impact of the Commission Final Report was discussed. Thanks were expressed to the group that had worked on this, particularly to Rudi who had taken the lead in the writing of the document. It was noted this proposed a number of options and that the actual work undertaken would depend on financial support and DfE decisions. The Board approved the plan. It was also agreed that the group that had produced this plan would now be wound up and that the REC Officers would carry the responsibility for taking matters forward, working with the REC Education Committee and the Policy Unit.

  1. Review of General Meetings

The Chair led an activity to garner Board members’ evaluative comments on the recent AGM and to identify key points for consideration in planning future General meetings. It was agreed to have an item of the Welsh national developments at the SRGM in November.

  1. Patrons

There was a discussion of a patron proposal that was approved.

Other Business:

  • The Chair gave a brief oral report of his activities on behalf of the REC. This was followed by the CEO giving his report, where he drew particular attention to the financial value of the subject knowledge enhancement courses and the ITE bursaries, the ongoing discussions on the Governance Committee about membership criteria for the REC, his letter to NASACRE and the work of and changes in REC personnel. He also drew attention to the membership of REC committees and it was agreed to reappoint current members for a three-year term.
  • The Treasurer gave his report on the current financial situation. This was performing according to budget.
  • The Company Secretary brought a membership application to the Board. Two questions were to be referred back to the applicant and the application considered again at the next meeting. The training activity on conflict of interest was postponed to the next meeting.
  • Finally members were asked for any matters arising from the minutes of Board committees that had been circulated with the papers in advance of the meeting. None were raised.

The next meeting of the Board is 15th October 2019.