What to expect from the assessor visit.

Prior to your assessment, you will need to gather evidence of your school’s RE work. This is not intended to be hard work: it is gathering evidence. The correct evidence can tell the story of RE in your school.  This is explained in our Apply section.

Each award assessment takes up to two hours 15 minutes and the programme is as follows:

  • Meeting a group (or groups) – of pupils for 30 minutes
  • Discussion with the RE subject leader about the criteria and the school evidence form – 1 hour
  • Time for the assessor to view evidence and note progress – 30 minutes
  • Meeting with the headteacher (or a member of the senior leadership team responsible for RE) – 15 minutes

After the assessment

After the assessment you will be asked to give some feedback about how you found the process, and your assessor will receive a copy. Your assessor will also provide feedback to the REQM administrator and your school will receive a copy.

If appropriate, we would also like to use photographs of your work for the REQM website. These should be submitted with your feedback, and we will assume all necessary clearances and permissions have been obtained under the school’s own DBS and GDPR arrangements. (Please see the code of conduct for assessors.)

Receiving your award

You will be contacted by the REQM administrator to confirm your award.

An award for display will be sent to the school. You will also get sent the logos for use on stationary and your website.

The award is valid for three years, but your school can reapply at any time.


Achieving the award is a great opportunity to celebrate and you will receive a certificate in recognition. You could send news of the award to local and regional newspapers, TV and radio stations and local council newsletters and it can also go onto your school’s website. You might also want to hold a celebration event for parents, feeder schools, governors and the local community. This is what some schools have organised:

  • A celebration assembly
  • An RE focus day
  • Visits to their feeder schools
  • An Open Day for RE
  • Presentation to the governing body

The REC also reserves the right to notify RE associations and the wider educational community through social media and announcements on the REC and REQM websites.


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