Bishop Luffa School

School Context:

11-18, Church School, Voluntary Aided. Part of a learning partnership.

Why did you consider applying for the RE Quality Mark?

As a RE subject lead, I knew my team of teachers were doing a great job and delivering RE lessons that informed and inspired our students. I was keen to maintain our external accreditation with REQM, as our Gold award is something we are very proud of achieving as a school.

What did you appreciate about the REQM process? Were there any highlights?

I really enjoyed gathering the evidence and putting it all together. It reminded me of the hard work my team are putting in each week. I enjoyed carrying out additional pupil voice and the questionnaire used was really helpful in seeing where we could develop and what students are really enjoying.

What were the benefits for the RE Dept?

It has given the whole team a boost of confidence. We are very proud to have this recognition and the REQM certificate takes pride of place in our school reception.  The process also allows a space for discussion on what you could improve on and it’s brilliant to be able to chat this through with another expert.

What were the benefits for students?

Students benefit from the REQM as it gives us as teachers a gentle nudge to continue and develop our pedagogy and ensure we deliver the highest standard of RE lessons each week. Students also have the chance to be heard through pupil voice and interviews and feel valued and important throughout the process and beyond.

What were the benefits for the wider school?

RE continues to be a driver for wider school improvement. We very much adopt an attitude that evidence-informed practice and other subjects have observed lessons and we have shared strategies. Students’ confidence with religious views and worldviews often allows them to draw parallels in the other subjects they study. The skills students build on in their lessons, from communication to developing a critical argument, are all transferrable and incredibly important for life beyond school too.

Would you recommend other schools apply for the REQM, and if so, why?

It’s a fantastic way to have validation that all the hard work you are putting in each week is important and you are making a difference!