The REC commissioned an initial scoping exercise on RE in 16-19 provision, especially in FE colleges. This was completed by Roger Butler and presented at the November RE Council meeting.

fbfe (Faiths and Beliefs in Education) offers the following response to the REC report on 16-19 RE.

Non-statutory Guidance on Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural in FE was published on March 15th 2010.

The RE Council continues to prioritise the giving of more explicit attention to religious beliefs and values in the educational experience of all 16-19 year olds. In collaboration with the FBFE, discussion is now under way with both the Department of Children, Schools and Families and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Skills regarding two exploratory projects focussing on tutorial support and on the opportunities to engage with questions of religions, beliefs and values within both academic and vocational pathways.”