NASACRE was launched in 1993 in the House of Lords and works to:

  • Assist SACREs to fulfil their responsibilities
  • Represent their common concerns to other bodies
  • Assist in the training and mutual consultation of SACRE members
  • Encourage the development of the SACREs
  • Undertake other activities appropriate to SACREs, as may benefit RE and collective worship.

Contribution to RE

NASACRE’s activities contribute directly to RE. Its SACREs are responsible for developing agreed syllabuses in each area, and for mnitoring RE and advising schools, as well as contributing to national initiatives. Its activities fall into four different categories:

  1. The AGMs which, in addition to the necessary business items, usually host a keynote speaker, of national standing, on a contemporary RE issue.
  2. Occasional Forums where major RE issues are presented by a range of speakers. They have included school pupils as well as national figures in RE affairs. Distinct from the AGMs, the forums allow more time for discussion and sharing.
  3. A newsletter covering both national issues and news from local SACREs. NASACRE aims to produce this each term and it is sent to all member-SACREs.
  4. Access to all officers, and both elected and co-opted members of the executive through a password protected website for member SACREs providing comprehensive up-to-date news of NASACRE’s activities and links to other relevant sites and organisations.

NASACRE also represent the interests of its members at a national level. On behalf of its members:

  • The Executive Committee meets each term to plan events and discuss issues as they arise
  • Officers are invited to national conferences, seminars and discussion groups and to contribute to national initiatives such as the 2013 review of Religious education
  • The Executive Committee has close links with the Association of RE Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC) and the The National Association of Teachers of Religious education (NATRE)