With a 28-year education career as a secondary school teacher and Head of RE, a Chair of Examiners for Religious Studies A level and author of over twenty A level books and guides, Richard understands all aspects of teaching about the rich topic of religion and worldviews inside out. More recently, he has begun another strand of education work with the Positive Psychology Guild, researching the role of character strengths, values and virtues. As a parent, Richard says giving his own secondary-school aged children the opportunity to have their own education in religion and worldviews has been the most holistic aspect of their education; well taught, it nurtures openness and understanding that stays with young people for the rest of their lives. With this experience in mind, Richard is keen the subject is given the focus it deserves to set it within its true 21st-century context.
Richard lives in South Yorkshire with his family https://www.rethinkre.org/champions#1645708976013-131a1ee2-5459