The 2019 Second Regular General Meeting of the RE Council took place at the London Muslim Centre in the East London Mosque on 6th November.  There was a detailed report (full text available here) from the Chief Executive, Rudolf Eliott Lockhart, addressing the Council’s activities over the last six months.  We are tremendously grateful to the Chair, Trevor Cooling, for overseeing the event.

Member Organisations and Authorised Representatives were treated to a presentation by Dilowar Kahn, a Director at the LMC, that delved into the history of the organisation and provided insight into its charitable pursuits.  Attendees were also offered the opportunity to observe the midday prayers as part of a tour of the establishment.

We are delighted that both the Association of Teachers of Catholic Education and the Ismaili Council were unanimously accepted into our membership.  We are certain both organisations will be valuable additions to the Council and look forward to welcoming them to future general meetings.  Furthermore, Paula Webber, delivered a fantastic presentation on the New Curriculum in Wales. She described the changes that are currently underway and highlighted where Religious Education fits into the new vision.  Deborah Weston and Kathryn Wright contributed by conveying the impact of the Commission on Religious Education so far.  Lastly, we asked our members to feedback on their experience of the CoRE’s effectiveness as things stand.  We are very pleased that so many of our members are working hard to implement the Report’s recommendations, and we are committed to support them wherever possible.