This is a formal request for information around the provision of Religious Education (RE) in your school, as part of the first nationwide project to collect information on RE in all ~4,500 state-funded secondary schools in England and Wales.

This important project, spearheaded by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC), National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) and RE Today, is running parallel to, but independent of, the continuing work of the Commission on Religious Education, which is conducting a review over the next two years of the legal, education, and policy frameworks for RE in all schools and colleges.

The information gathered from this research project will be used to establish a picture of RE provision across the country.

We are formally requesting, therefore, that you provide information about RE in your school by completing the following survey (or forward to the RE subject lead for completion):

Complete the survey

For more information about the survey, visit the NATRE website.

If you have any queries please email Sara Petela at or call 0207 735 6963.

Thank you for your support.

Rudolf Eliott Lockhart
Chief Executive
RE Council

Fiona Moss
Executive Officer

Zoe Keens
Chief Executive Officer
RE Today