REC Blog

My blog this month is very short. I made a full Chair’s report on RE to the RE Council assembled for the AGM in Cardiff on 7 May. I have therefore little to add. However, I want to repeat my thanks to the all members of the REC Board, and especially those who chair the Board committees. They are doing sterling work for RE at present. I also want to repeat my thanks to Sarah and Sophie as Executive and Administration officers. The REC owes them a great debt of gratitude.

My sincere gratitude goes to all member bodies of the REC for the tributes you paid me in the wonderful book with which I was presented at the AGM. This was a huge surprise and I feel very humbled as well as delighted by it. Thank you so much, and let me wish you all well as I begin the process of stepping down as Chair of the REC and handing over to Joyce Miller who will be steering the Council from September onwards.

The Tribute Book given to John at the AGM can be viewed, and any further tributes can be added, on the Padlet website