This year, the REC has been exploring what a Religion and Worldviews approach might look like in a syllabus or curriculum, through its Religion and Worldviews in the Classroom Project.

When the project is completed, our aim is to provide resources that will support syllabus writers and curriculum developers in their important task of translating the vision into classroom reality.

The project is currently entering phase 2.  For its first phase, on behalf of the REC, Stephen Pett of RE Today, developed a Draft Resource for syllabus writers and curriculum developers to support them in translating the REC’s vision of an excellent education for all in Religion and Worldviews. In doing this, he has been supported by REC members and others in the RE community.

In phase 2, three school-based teams will road test the first draft of the Resource. During the next academic year, they will develop their own syllabus/curriculum framework and units of work. Further info about their work can be found here.

This process of testing, will lead to a revised version of the Resource, scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2024.

The first draft of the Religion and Worldviews Draft Resource was launched at our 2022 AGM, and is available for download.  Members and others can see how the Project is developing, and provide comment on this draft. These comments will be taken into consideration as the final draft is developed by the project team.

If you would like to comment, please email

Prof. Trevor Cooling, Project Director

About Religion and Worldviews