Westhill Endowment Trust

Westhill Lodge, South Drive, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6WE



0121 472 8000

Westhill’s mission is to provide financial investment and other resources to support religious education projects and faith-motivated activities that enable different people to build bridges with each other and so transform their lives and the life of their communities. The values that underpin our work and the projects that we support are inclusivity, creativity and sustainability.

Contribution to RE

Westhill’s contribution to RE goes back to the early 20th century when Westhill College was set up in Birmingham, initially to train Sunday School teachers. The College became a general teacher training college and then in 2002 it was sold to Birmingham University. A grantmaking trust was created using the sale proceeds and the income from the investments is used for a range of formal and informal RE, religious literacy and faith-motivated community transformation projects that enable people to deepen their spirituality and faith and to do so with other people. The majority of these activities take place in the UK and Westhill is also interested in bridging the gap between RE academic researchers and practitioners in schools.