The Faith & Belief Forum has worked for over 20 years to build good relations between people of all faiths and beliefs, and to create a society where difference is celebrated. Our inclusive approach welcomes everyone – whether you’re an Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Zoroastrian, or identify with any other belief. The Faith & Belief Forum believes that intolerance has no place in our communities and that diversity adds value to society.

The Faith & Belief Forum (formerly 3FF) has worked in schools for 15 years sharing our expertise with teachers, school’s leaders, school staff and students alike. Our school programmes sit within, and complement, the RE curriculum and support students to build religious literacy, empathy and skills for dialogue and communication. Our programmes include: skills workshops, ‘Encountering Faiths and Beliefs’, school linking and teacher training.

Our Schools Programmes help young people to:

  • Learn how different people understand and live their faiths and beliefs
  • Dispel common myths and stereotypes
  • Understand the diversity within and between different traditions
  • Become more able to ask and answer questions in a sensitive way
  • Learn to understand and share their own faiths and beliefs

Our School Programmes help senior leaders, teachers and school staff to:

  • Promote positive personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Actively promote equality and diversity and support the school in tackling bullying and discrimination
  • Encourage personal development of young people, preparing students to respect others and contribute to wider society and life in Britain
  • Promote a sense of community cohesion amongst students
  • Demonstrate diversity amongst lived faith