The Oxford Foundation

The Oxford Foundation, Clarendon House, 52 Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1 3HJ

01865 304079

The Oxford Foundation seeks to promote religious harmony by educating young people and the wider public in different religious beliefs and cultures including a deepening of understanding of their distinctive features and common ground in order to promote good relations between persons of different faiths and to challenge extremism in all its manifestations.

Contributions to RE

The Oxford Foundation has three major strands of work.

  • First, it seeks to challenge extremism in all its manifestations and the Foundation has devised the first educational programme aimed at undermining the ideology that underpins modern day Islamist terrorism – Oxford Muslim Pupils’ Empowerment Programme;
  • Second, the Foundation seeks to deepen understanding between the different world faiths and in particular the foundation promotes the ‘Common Word’ initiative and the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week to schools, colleges and universities;
  • Third, through its outreach programme the foundation holds workshops for young people to explore issues around faith in the modern world.