The Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum London, Raymond Burton House, 129-131 Albert Street, London NW1 7NB

020 7284 7384

The Jewish Museum London is open to all. Our museum tells the story of the history and heritage of Jews in Britain through universal themes of migration, family, faith and culture. Our focus is on the history, culture and heritage of Jews in Britain from 1066 to the present day.

Our Mission is to surprise, delight and engage all people, irrespective of background or faith, in the history, identity and culture of Jews in Britain: by inspiring discovery, provoking questions and encouraging understanding.

Our Vision is of a world where cultural diversity and the contribution of minority communities are explored, valued and celebrated, for the enrichment of society as a whole.

Contributions to RE

We welcome over 17,000 school visitors each year and our award-winning workshops are designed for students to gain knowledge and understanding about Judaism as a living faith and as part of a long cultural and historical heritage.

Our Learning Team create safe spaces for students to challenge perspectives, advocate for diversity and build relationships by being experiential, inclusive and collections focused. We inspire students to look at the world from a different point of view, encouraging them to use handling objects within our interactive workshops to support creative and critical thinking.

We run in-house workshops for EY/FS through to A Level which are based in the RE Curriculum. We are also launching our outreach loan boxes later this year to reach counties across the UK.