Quakers in Britain

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Quakers try to live in truth, simplicity and equality, finding God in ourselves and those around us. Quakers in Britain support peace education, helping children and young people develop the skills and understanding we all need to be peacemakers.

We work with educators, volunteers and partners to develop and share creative peace education resources and practice.

Contributions to RE

Many Quakers speak about their faith to Religious Education students to help them in their studies. This might involve the peace testimony and the Quaker commitment to peace, or simply be an exploration of how “Friends” worship.

The Peace Education programme develops education resources that help explore a range moral concerns from conscientious objection to drone warfare.

All our content asks young people to explore their own values and responsibilities, whether exploring conflict resolution, inner peace and mindfulness or their role as a citizen.

Some have an explicit link to RE, such our lessons teaching of war and peace as part of the A-Level religious studies curriculum. Other work is about the life of the whole school community. For the centenary of the end of WWI in 2018, we are working on the INSPIRE project enabling young people of all faiths and none to engage with Remembrance for peace. See more at www.oasisinspire.org