The Jewish Teachers’ Association, the JTA, exists to support all Jewish educators whatever you teach and wherever you work.

We work with all educators, including:

  • Teachers in State, Academy, Free or Independent schools
  • Teachers at every key stage, from nursery to college
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Tutors
  • Lecturers and Academics
  • Youth Workers
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Education officers
  • Examiners

Its services include facilitating the sharing of best practice, providing mentoring, training and CPD, representing Jewish educators in different for a, providing free teaching resources and emotional support to those working in education.

The Jewish Teachers’ Association exists to:

  • Provide a network for Jewish ‘educationalists’ to discuss teaching and learning, and other matters.
  • Endeavour to liaise and represent the needs of Jewish educationalists to outside organisations such as the RE Council and the Department for Education
  • Provide Social Networking and Professional Development opportunities
  • Support and provide advice to Jewish educationalists who might meet with problems, for example religious discrimination.
  • Encourage balanced teaching about Judaism and the State of Israel.

Contributions to RE

JTA aims to create relevant and interesting resources for those teaching Judaism. It liaises with organisations like RE Today, to provide and answer questions about Judaism. JTA volunteers sit as Jewish Representatives on a number of different SACREs and offer support to trainee Religious Studies teachers from King’s College London.