IES (ISKCON Educational Services) was established in 1990 at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple in Hertfordshire. Its broad aims are twofold; to serve the RE community, with focus on promoting student wellbeing to demonstrate how spiritual values, as highlighted by Hindu traditions, make a positive contribution to contemporary life in Britain through education.

Contributions to RE

ISKCON runs several centres across the UK which invites school visits for education in RE and in particular in Hinduism. Staff are alternatively able to conduct school visits in London and elsewhere to talk to students about Hinduism. In helping learn and teach about Hinduism, IES strives to publish and present educational material that:

  • Is accurate, authentic and accessible
  • Recognises diversity
  • Carefully classifies complex material
  • Promotes academic and moral discernment
  • Values individual agency
  • Promotes the rll-being of all

The organisation also runs Initial Teacher Training courses especially relevant to students specialising in religious education. Tailor-made INSET Courses are also available for schools, which train teachers in:

  • Subject knowledge, with insight into the tradition
  • Stimulating ways to teach about Hinduism
  • Useful books and artefacts (with opportunity to inspect and purchase)