The Church in Wales is a Province of the Anglican Communion, comprising six dioceses. Wales is a diverse nation, with a strong farming and rural heritage, while other areas are heavily urbanised and industrialised. The diversity of culture and community also reflects the cosmopolitan nature of life in 21st Century Britain, although Wales has a unique and highly distinctive context with a strong commitment to the Welsh language.

It is in this context that the Church in Wales ministers through its parishes, clergy and people, engaging the reality and diversity of people’s lives, and proclaiming the hope that is found at the heart of the Christian Gospel.

The Church in Wales has long been involved in education. Almost 27,000 children and young people across Wales attend a Church in Wales school. There are 143 primary and secondary schools across the Principality, and each diocese supports high standards of teaching and learning in our schools through the medium of both Welsh and English.

As a provider of statutory education, the Church in Wales works alongside local authorities in partnership with the Welsh Government, supporting the careers of over 5,000 teachers and support staff, and nurturing school leaders for the future.

Contributions to RE

The Church in Wales is committed to developing high quality Religious Education in each of its schools, playing its part in a broad curriculum that allows children and young people across Wales to be well informed about issues of faith, and to be able to set that knowledge in the safe context of discussion, reflection and clear values for life. Church in Wales schools have the option of teaching a dedicated Church in Wales Religious Education syllabus. The Church in Wales also plays a full and active part in local authority SACREs who develop and agree their locally agreed syllabus. The Church in Wales has over 140 schools, providing primary and secondary education, including the delivery of Religious Education, with a distinctive Christian character to approximately 27,000 pupils.