Al-khoei Foundation

Stone Hall, Chevening Road, London NW6 6TN

020 7372 4049

The Al-Khoei Foundation is an international charitable voluntary organisation, founded in 1989 to look after the welfare and cater for the needs of Muslim communities, and Shi’a Muslims specifically, around the globe. With its head office based in London, there are branches around the world. The main aim is the full and part time education and social welfare of Muslim communities.

Contributions to RE

As well as aiding the Shi’a community’s welfare, education, training and empowerment, the Al-Khoei foundation supports RE specifically by taking up an advisory role to support statutory bodies, universities and research institutes in fostering a better understanding of Islam and the UK’s Muslim community. It also encourages inter and intra-faith activities and education.

The Foundation also runs 2 schools in the UK, which provide Muslim children with an academic environment, in which pupils can reach their full potential, appreciate and serve the wider community, and can feel secure and equally valued in a supportive environment with other children from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds.