The Accord Coalition, 39 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8BB

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Accord is a campaign coalition of a wide range of civil society organisations that seek to ensure state funded schools are open and suitable for people of different religious and non-religious beliefs, and that schools better promote the growth of respect and mutual understanding between such people. The group views mutual respect and understanding as key to the future cohesiveness and happiness of society, and regards high quality RE as making a major contribution in advancing these aims. It enthusiastically supports the work of the REC and its vision for the subject.

Contributions to RE

As a campaign group Accord primarily contributes to RE through its awareness raising work. It consistently lobbies for and highlights the virtues of high quality RE with policy makers, political parties, educationalists, religion and belief groups, and in the media. Accord also helps administer an annual inclusivity award, which consistently rewards and gains national coverage for schools in England and Wales that excel and pursue innovative approaches in RE.