Following the recent bid process, when a team of five assessors evaluated the six bids, we are pleased to announce our three teams who will develop an exemplar curriculum as part of the Worldviews Project. They will test out the Draft Handbook that was launched at the AGM on May 5th.  The teams will begin work immediately.


Gillian Georgiou and team will be producing work from a mixed context of primary, secondary, single-form entry, mixed-age classes, Local Authority schools, academies, church schools and MATs from across England.  They will have two working principles: (1) worldviews start with people, and (2) pupils’ ability to make sense of what they learn is a necessary part of the curriculum.


Nikki McGee’s team, from the Multi Academy Inspiration Trust, will be developing work for the schools in her MAT that embrace a knowledge-rich approach to a religion and worldviews education.  Their aim is to enable young people to have informed and nuanced conversations about religious and non-religious worldviews.


Jen Jenkins and team are working with schools within Coventry and Warwickshire local authorities, and the Coventry Diocese.  They will be producing work which develops the theme of reconciliation which is so important to the Coventry context.