REC Board Meeting:  15th October 2019

By Professor Trevor Cooling: Chair of REC

The Board met at the REC offices from noon to 5pm on 15th October 2019

Apologies were received from Derek Holloway and Sandra Teacher. The other nine Directors were present.

The Board welcome Joshua O’Loughlin to his first meeting in his new role as Executive Assistant.

The initial formalities were to note potential conflicts of interest and loyalty, to formally record changes to the Board and to receive, correct and then accept the minutes of the 24th June 2019 and to review matters arising.

The Chair gave a brief report in which he outlined the positive response that he had received to the CoRE report when sharing it at events in Australia and the USA and at a British Academy meeting on TRS. He emphasised that this academic year was a very significant year for the dissemination and implementation of CoRE.

The CEO then went through his previously circulated report, during the course of which there was discussion of the new Welsh curriculum, the new Ofsted inspection regime and the political party conferences.


Main Items:

  1. Discussion Activity

Board members took part in a discussion activity to explore the question: “If one subject had to go from the curriculum, why should that not be RE?” The purpose was to identify the shared understanding of the distinctive contribution made for pupils by RE that justifies its place in the curriculum.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The financial report for the year 2018-2019 was discussed in detail. It was noted that changes in personnel during the year had caused some difficulties with mis-postings of items in the accounts. These were now resolved. The loss through fraud was also discussed and protocols were in place to prevent further problems. The small reduction in reserves was noted. It was agreed that the budget for 2019-2020 would be reviewed at the next meeting. In the meantime the Board agreed the remuneration for REC staff. Details were given of potential funding streams for 2019-2020.

  1. Company Secretary’s Report

The membership applications from the Association of Catholic Teachers of RE and from the Ismaili Council were approved for presenting to the Council at the SRGM. 

  1. Policies

Draft policies on Safeguarding, Whistleblowers and Complaints prepared by the Governance Committee were approved and adopted.

  1. Committee Minutes

The minutes from the Policy Unit, Governance Committee, Finance and Fundraising and Education Committees were reviewed.

The next meeting of the Board is 5th December 2019.