The RE Council SRGM took place at the Jewish Museum on 7th November 2018.

Authorised representatives of member organisations heard a keynote address from Dr Joyce Miller, one of the members of the Commission on Religious Education (CoRE).  There were table discussions on the ways in which the REC could build on the recommendations in the CoRE report.

There were brief reports from the REC Chair, Treasurer and Company Secretary.  There was a vote on a membership application: members voted that the United Synagogue application satisfied the RE Council’s membership criteria by 36 votes to 1.

There was a comprehensive report from Chief Executive Rudolf Eliott Lockhart on the RE Council’s activities over the previous six months.  Click here for the full text of the report.

The Chair, Trevor Cooling, made a statement on the Board’s decision to endorse the Commission on Religious Education’s Final ReportClick here for the full text of this statement.