One of the Religious Education Council’s main audiences are educators looking for teaching and learning resources on religious education. Here we have compiled a list of resources that may be useful. You can find more on our Resources page.

Please note that this article is intended merely to signpost readers to external resources produced by RE Council member organisations or former members. The RE Council is not able to endorse the content of these resources, and teachers will therefore need to check for suitability beforehand.

Understanding Christianity

The Understanding Christianity materials are intended to support teachers in all schools (including Church of England schools, community schools, other denominational schools, academies and free schools) in teaching about Christianity in Religious Education. The Understanding Christianity Resource Pack includes units of work from EYFS to Key Stage 3, with a wide range of teaching and learning ideas to support the approach and enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required.

3FF – Three Faiths Forum

3FF, the Three Faiths Forum, has worked to build good relations between people of different faiths, beliefs and identities for over twenty years. 3FF creates spaces in schools, universities, and the wider community where people can engage with questions of belief and identity and meet people different from themselves. Their programmes enable people from different backgrounds – both religious and non-religious – to learn from each other and work together.

3FF’s resources enable teachers and their students to approach topics of different faiths and diverse ways of life in a nuanced way, without shying away from difficult or controversial questions. They give guidelines on how to talk about sometimes sensitive issues respectfully while encouraging people to ask questions and be open and curious.

Jewish Living Exhibition and Tours

The Jewish Living Experience is a mobile travelling exhibition. Aimed primarily at school groups, it enables visitors to gain an insight into Judaism as a living faith with a lifestyle that has been sustained for over 5,000 years. Designed by education experts, the Jewish Living Experience Exhibition supports the teaching of Judaism in line with all agreed Religious Education and Citizenship curriculums. The Jewish Living Experience Exhibition supports community cohesion, interfaith dialogue and Prevent agendas. Pupils and teachers alike can experience Judaism through beautifully illustrated display panels, authentic artefacts that can be handled and educational activities which promote experiential learning. It is an educational experience for all Key Stages, but is especially suitable for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Jewish Living Tours are a unique way of learning about Judaism as it is lived today The Board of Deputies of British Jews organises tours of Jewish London, providing students with a close-up experience of Jewish life. Teachers who would like to inspire their students with an insight into our vibrant community are invited to bring their pupils on these tours, we are also happy to organise teacher training days. Each bespoke tour is tailored to suit the visiting group, in line with their Religious Education syllabus and required outcomes. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers and students to experience an educational visit to a contemporary Jewish community.

Find out more from this online leaflet.

Jewish Museum Teachers’ Portal

The Jewish Museum London has recently launched a new Learning Portal website. The Portal is designed to help teachers and students explore the diversity of Judaism and the cultural heritage of Jewish people in Britain. You can plan your visit, sign up for our School’s Newsletter, and Ask a Question to the Learning Team. You can also browse our extensive video, audio, and object resources by delving into our In the Classroom section.

Teachers’ Portal:
In the Classroom:

ISKCON Educational Services’ Heart of Hinduism Teacher Resources Pack

In helping learn and teach about Hinduism, ISKCON Educational Services strives to publish and present educational material that:

  1. Is accurate, authentic and accessible
  2. Recognizes diversity
  3. Carefully classifies complex material
  4. Promotes academic and moral discernment
  5. Values individual agency
  6. Promotes the well-being of all

The Heart of Hinduism Teacher Resources Pack is an extensive exploration of the above. An online version of the Heart of Hinduism pack  is available here.

ISKCON also offers learning resources for students and school visits and in-school presentations on Hinduism.


The JAINpedia website, founded by the Institute of Jainology, contains a wealth of information about Jainism.

Clearvision resources on Buddhism

The Clearvision website offers a wide range of teaching and learning resources on Buddhism for all key stages. There are interactive learning resources, videos and resources available for purchase. All materials have been produced by qualified teachers and practising Buddhists.

Bahá’í RE

On this website, you will find a wealth of materials to enhance your teaching on the Bahá’í faith. All materials may be downloaded and freely copied, with acknowledgements as appropriate. There are also links to inexpensive books and other printed materials, which may be purchased.

Members of local Bahá’í communities are often happy to be invited to come into a school to assist you in any way that you, as a teacher, consider beneficial, for example by talking to pupils, leading an assembly or taking a lesson. If you do not already know any local Bahá’ís, please use the contact form on the School Visitors page so that we can put you in touch.

Understanding Humanism

The Understanding Humanism website from Humanists UK has information about Humanism, teaching resources, online courses and information about booking school speakers on Humanism. Their resources include lesson plans, classroom activities, presentations and films.

Quakers teaching resources

Download or order teaching resources from the Quakers in Britain, including the Budget for a Safer World lesson, ‘Conscience’ and ‘Conviction’: World War I learning resources, and resources on teaching peace.

RE Online

Find practical inspiration for excellent learning in RE at all stages, with thousands of resources to search through.

Please let us know about any other religious education teaching and learning resources that you’ve found useful. Contact us here.