The Commission on Religious Education has launched a call for evidence which will be open until 9.00am on 13th February.  It is important for the Commission to hear from as wide a range of people and organisations as possible; people are encouraged to consider responding either in a personal capacity or on behalf of an organisation, or both.

The call for evidence is available by following this link:

A PDF containing a copy of the full set of questions can be downloaded here to allow people to think about their responses before filling the call in online, if they wish.

Some of the rubric from the call, and its context, is outlined below:

The Commission on Religious Education (CoRE) is an independent body that was established to review the legal, education, and policy frameworks for religious education (RE) and to make evidence-based recommendations for policy makers and educationalists to consider.  CoRE presents a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to think deeply and broadly about the character, significance and role of religious education in our current local, national and global context.  CoRE will publish an interim report in mid-2017 and a final report in mid-2018.  CoRE consists of fourteen Commissioners, all appointed as individuals, with a wide range of expertise in RE or in other relevant areas.  Short pen portraits of Commissioners are available here.

This call will form part of CoRE’s efforts to gather the evidence on which the Commissioners will base their recommendations.  CoRE is keen to hear from as wide a range of people and organisations as possible.  All responses to this call will be made available in full to all Commissioners.  When directed by CoRE, the secretariat of CoRE will provide an analysis of the responses.  Your response to this call will not be published without your permission.

This call for evidence will not be the only opportunity to submit evidence to CoRE.  Commissioners are currently considering additional ways for people to submit to CoRE, providing opportunities to contribute throughout the tenure of CoRE, although the later evidence is submitted, the less opportunity Commissioners will have to consider it before the drafting of the interim report.  CoRE does not want to restrict the type of evidence submitted.  There is no restriction on the type of evidence that can be submitted. Though CoRE believes that a degree of structure in the evidence will be helpful, and hence the questions below, it is also possible to submit evidence directly via the Core website. Full details for submitting evidence directly via the website can be found here.

CoRE was established by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC) but is independent of it.  The REC provides secretariat services to CoRE, but has no editorial control over the reports and recommendations that CoRE produce.

Questions about the call for evidence, or about the Commission on Religious Education, may be directed to