Young Ambassadors from the Venerable Bede CE Academy tell us:

This is one of our latest developments in the Young Ambassador project. We have recently contacted our local MP – Bridget Phillipson.

Dear Ms Phillipson,

I and four other students, from my school, Venerable Bede C of E Academy, are Young Ambassadors for Religious Education. We are currently asking the question ‘Why is it important to learn about other people’s beliefs and values?

We have recently been in the Sunderland Echo.

In our article I and my fellow students inserted a section where people can answer our question on the Venerable Bede website. We would appreciate it if you could leave your opinion on this matter, on our website.

The link below is our article in the Sunderland Echo:

The email address below our email address for this project, where you may send your opinion:

It would be much appreciated if you could send your opinion to us; it would help us along on our project.

Thank you,

RE Ambassadors.

Engaging with an MPMs Phillipson’s reply

‘In Britain today we live in an increasingly multi-cultural and diverse society and it is vital that we appreciate the differing cultures and religious beliefs of our neighbours if we are to live alongside each other in a peaceful society. Broadening our understanding of other people’s way of life, their faiths and the many cultures that make up our community encourage tolerance and helps build good relationships and mutual respect.’

The Young Ambassadors were delighted to have received a response:

This was a great reply to our question; we each agree with our local MP’s opinion and feel this process has been a great learning opportunity for all five of us.

This response we received showed a commitment from our local MP and her dedication to showing the rest of the nation that Sunderland is much more diverse than most people would realise. This was showcased when the local university chaplain visited our school for a meeting and agreed to share his opinions with us.